Class Reflections from 10/23/2013

Posted on October 31, 2013


After some preliminary discussion on the topics covered in the readings, we spent a large chunk of class creating sketches of an app being designed for pizza customers. We spent a lot of time working out the process flow since the directions were really general. At first it was frustrating to not already have a process given to us, but that’s real life I guess. I actually changed my mind about not liking the ambiguity after the sketches were done because it was really interesting to see the different ways people came up with solutions. We tried to stick to what we knew about similar products, and made our design as simple as possible. Others went the complete other direction and came up with novel ways of implementing a solution.

To my surprise I actually enjoyed the wireframing we began working on towards the end of class. Though I would never consider myself to have any artistic skill whatsoever, it was something that I could still do fairly well, and helped our group to better understand how we could actually implement our sketches. This also brought about some changes to our preliminary sketches because some of the things that worked in a sketch didn’t necessarily pan out correctly in a wireframe.

Overall I think I learned a good deal in this class about how products should be developed from the ground up, and am already implementing some of these techniques, especially sketching in my thesis and program design work. Here’s an example of something that I just did this morning: