Microsoft Releases Kinect 2

Posted on December 6, 2013


This semester I’ve been using the Microsoft Kinect in relation to some of the research I’ve been doing with the International Center for Biometric Research (ICBR), the center that Adam and I work for. I’ve been using the Kinect to measure a person’s body position relative to a sensor, in my case an iris recognition camera, in order to better understand how individuals interact with the camera. A major issue I’ve been struggling with is that although I know what I want to do with the Kinect conceptually, the technology just isn’t there yet. The Kinect is glitchy and has trouble tracking individuals except within a narrow window; that is until now. In late November, Microsoft released the XBOX One and Kinect 2 as a bundle (you can buy them separately I believe). In short the Kinect 2 looks very promising with respect to enhanced tracking ability, and has built in biometric options like face and voice recognition. Here is a great article that breaks down some of what the Kinect 2 is capable of. I’m really excited to get my hands on one of these (the center is purchasing one for research purposes in the near future).

Here is the article: