Microsoft Releases Kinect 2

December 6, 2013


This semester I’ve been using the Microsoft Kinect in relation to some of the research I’ve been doing with the International Center for Biometric Research (ICBR), the center that Adam and I work for. I’ve been using the Kinect to measure a person’s body position relative to a sensor, in my case an iris recognition […]

Class Reflections from 10/23/2013

October 31, 2013


After some preliminary discussion on the topics covered in the readings, we spent a large chunk of class creating sketches of an app being designed for pizza customers. We spent a lot of time working out the process flow since the directions were really general. At first it was frustrating to not already have a […]

Where am I? – Multi-scrollbar Shenanigans

October 30, 2013


As I was writing my latest post “iOS7 – NN/G Say it Best”, I noticed an interesting usability issue within WordPress that actually applies to a lot of different websites. I wanted to get my thoughts out and see if anyone else has any thoughts on the issue or whether they have noticed or experienced […]

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iOS 7 – NN/g Say it Best

October 30, 2013


Since several classmates have written or considering writing a review on iOS7, I wanted to do one myself. Before doing so, however, I wanted to look around and see what was already out there and found a great article written by Raluca Budiu, a member of the Nielsen Norman Group, that really hits a lot […]

Misconceptions About the iPhone 5S TouchID

October 24, 2013


Working in a biometrics lab for the last few years, I have a somewhat unique perspective on the iPhone 5S’s touchID technology. I’d like to discuss a few initial comments I have, my opinion about the technology, and my thoughts on its usability. In this blog I’d like to get a few things that have […]

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Class Reflections from 10/16/2013

October 24, 2013


Having an undergraduate degree in Computer & Information Technology, I found this topic of class discussion very interesting. I’ve always thought that learning programming has always been a backwards idea. The first day of college you’re in there learning to use HTML and making small websites. That’s well and good, but there is so much […]

The one thing I hate about Dropbox

October 24, 2013


I’m a daily user of Dropbox and have almost zero complaints about their product which is uncommon since it is free.. Since I download the Dropbox plugin I almost never use the actual website, but when I do I immediately want to cancel my account and go use Microsoft Skydrive instead. Go to the […]